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This Blog contains information on Gravel/Dirt road routes in Virginia , Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Also some links to Gravel/Dirt road databases (for planning your own route). Mainly close to the Washington D.C. Metro area. There will not be a lot of new posts. But the posts will be updated regularly. New posts will be added only when there is a new area needed to be added. I hope this will be helpful.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Wythe/Bland/Smyth Counties, Virginia. Gravel Road Database

This Database is near and dear to me. For most of you DC folks, it is not near. But if you ever find your way down to one of the most beautiful areas I have rode, you should check it out.

This database is a work in progress with a bunch of new colors for roads (for those who are familiar with my other Databases). I am putting the info out earlier then usual. I began using VDOT's county roads maps to help with discovering new gravel roads. I have found that the maps are chock full of mistakes. The roads may have been paved since the maps were published. So on roads I have never been on or can't remember being on, I am using google earth to help identify possible gravel roads. I have found a need to code them so people know they are not confirmed gravel roads.

Basically the color codes go like this:

Brown = Confirmed Gravel/Dirt by myself or other
Blue    = Unconfirmed but VDOT says it is gravel and looking at Google Earth, it appears to be. In   other words it is a good bet it is gravel.
Purple   = VDOT say it is, can't tell on Google Earth.
Red       = VDOT says it is, but is most likely paved
Green    = Forest or Logging Road (Adventure Time!)

I hope this helps and check back often. The roads will either be brown or removed. I ride there as often as I can.

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