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This Blog contains information on Gravel/Dirt road routes in Virginia , Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Also some links to Gravel/Dirt road databases (for planning your own route). Mainly close to the Washington D.C. Metro area. There will not be a lot of new posts. But the posts will be updated regularly. New posts will be added only when there is a new area needed to be added. I hope this will be helpful.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Montgomery County/Frederick County Routes

West Harris Road, Barnesville, Maryland

56 Miler This nice route starts in Germantown at the Soccerplex. It will take you out to Sugarloaf Mountain then to the C & O Canal. A little more pavement then gravel on this one. It does have long stretches of gravel mixed in with  2 sections of riding on the Canal Towpath (which is technically a gravel road). It rolls through some pretty country before ending back at the Soccerplex. There is approximately 25.1 miles of gravel roads/towpath on this route with 3000feet of climbing. That is approximately 45% Gravel/Towpath and 55% pavement (boo!).

51 Miler Here is another MoCo/Frederick route. This one starts in Boyds, Maryland at the bridge of Little Seneca Lake on Rte 121/ Clarksburg rd. This one takes you around Sugarloaf Mountain then north towards Little Bennett Reg. Park. Although the majority of this route is paved. There are some nice gravel roads on this one. West Harris (pictured above) is a classic. This route will take you from the edge of Suburbia into the MoCo agriculture reserve and back. There is approximately 4150ft of climbing. Water stop is at mile 41. There is a water fountain at the main parking lot for Sugarloaf mountain.


  1. Any good way to cut this ride in half without just hitting the asphalt?

  2. I can come up with a route for you. Hit on email.

  3. Trying to figure out how to email you, and failing :p I really just need to knuckle up and do the full loop.

  4. How aggravating do you think it'd be to do the gravel sections of this on 25cs?


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