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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Frederick County, Maryland Routes

Eylers Valley rd., Frederick County, Maryland

Though the Gravel roads are spread out or in clumps, the roads are awesome. Most of the gravel that is in and around the Frederick Municipal Forest and on Catoctin Mountain involves climbing. Gravel roads south of Frederick (city) are more rolling. The quality of roads are good condition. The location of roads in the south allows you to connect with gravel roads in Montgomery County, Maryland and Loudoun County, Virginia. The roads east of Frederick (city) are few but they can connect of with the gravel roads in Carroll County, Maryland. If you are wanting longer loops you will have to include pavement.

31 Miler This short route may hurt a bit while building your climbing legs up but it won't kill you. It was designed to have some nice climbs in a short distance. As a byproduct there are some screaming downhills. It starts from the Mountain Biker parking lot on Hamburg Rd. It will take you on some nice gravel roads in the Frederick Municipal Forest (Watershed). Then down the west side of Catoctin Mountain before heading back up to the Forest. There are approximately 18 miles of gravel roads. Approximately 58% gravel and 42% pavement with about 3600ft of climbing.

53 Miler This one will hurt. It is a modify 1903 route dreamed up by the famous Singlespeed Outlaw himself. I put my touches on it to add some pain (plus use the roads I like). With over 6200 feet of climbing it should not be taken lightly. This one starts at the Hamburg rd MTB parking lot. Drops down Hamburg rd then over to Mountaindale to begin the climbing. It takes some similar roads as the 31 miler I posted but then kicks it up after it deviates from the 31 miler. More pavement on this then gravel but hey this is Frederick, you come here to climb.

Sugarloaf 60 Miler This route starts at Sugarloaf Mountain (Stronghold) parking lot. It hits the gravel roads around Sugarloaf Mountain plus the roads around Jefferson, Maryland. The route runs south and west of Frederick city. There is approximately 5000 feet of climbing on this route. The climb up to Braddock Heights is a little tough but won't kill you. Since the Gravel is in clumps on this route. There is long stretches of pavement in between.Water Stops are at miles 12 in Adamstown, 26 in Jefferson, 38 in Braddock Heights and 50 at Buckystown.


  1. Hey there. I can't open the route for the 31 Miler. I'd love to have a copy.


  2. Hey there. I can't open the route for the 31 Miler. I'd love to have a copy.