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This Blog contains information on Gravel/Dirt road routes in Virginia , Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Also some links to Gravel/Dirt road databases (for planning your own route). Mainly close to the Washington D.C. Metro area. There will not be a lot of new posts. But the posts will be updated regularly. New posts will be added only when there is a new area needed to be added. I hope this will be helpful.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

New Loudoun Gravel Road Database plus a lot more

I got tired of trying to fix the database on Google so I am moving all my info to gravelmap.com I will be completing the move over the next few days but most of the roads are there. Plus there appears to be a ton of gravel road info for all over the US. We will see how this works out.

Loudoun Dirtroad Database


  1. Have you seen this! Maybe there is a way to import it into your data?


  2. Thanks! Is there any way for us to add to the database of known gravel roads?

  3. Sign up to gravel map.com and you can add roads

  4. Just found your blig and really like the Gravel Road Map. Is that the one stop shop for all roads?

  5. Just found your page and really appreciate it. I moved here from AZ and still trying to find my gravel fix (sick of the C&O)... I'll give these a try. How are these roads during or post rain?

  6. like most gravel or dirt roads, if there is a ton of rain they can be a little muddy. really depends on which road. I usually have no issues with them.